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Alkanet Root, Alkanna Tinctoria

Alkanet Root

Alkanna Tinctoria, Ratanjoot 

Dyers’ Bugloss, Spanish Bugloss 

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Botanical Name / Medicinal Name: Alkanna tinctoria, Alkanet Root
Common Name /English Name: Alkanet Root

Other Names:

Unani: Ratanjot
URDU: Ratanjot
Siddha/Tamil: Ratthapaalai, Surulpattai, Dineshavalli


FAMILY: Boraginaceae
HABIT: Cultivated in pakistan & afghanistan.

Astringent, antimicrobial (used for indolent ulcers, wounds, erysipelas).

Uses & Benefits

Alkanet Root used for medicine and used to give colour to wines and alcoholic tinctures, to vegetable oils, and to varnishes. Powdered and mixed with oil, the alkanet root is used as a wood stain.

Astringent, antimicrobial (used for indolent ulcers, wounds and erysipelas).


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