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Phyllanthus Niruri | Gale of the Wind | Hazar Dani
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Botanical Name / Medicinal Name: Phyllanthus Niruri / Gale of the Wind
Common Name /English Name: Gale of the Wind, Hazar Dani

Other Names:

Unani: Hazar Dani
URDU: Hazar Dani
Siddha/Tamil: Bhuumyaamalaki


FAMILY: Euphorbiaceae
HABIT: Native to Pakistan, America.

Antispasmodic, antipyretic,
diuretic, antiviral, bactericidal.

Uses & Benefits

The Phyllanthus Niruri is helps in restricting the growth of hepatitis B virus found in the blood stream.
This herb is said to have antifungal, antiviral and hypoglycemic action.
And it is diuretic and hence is used in urinary tract infections and bacterial infections like cystitis and prostatitis.


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